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29/11/2018 - 00:00

On November 6-8, 2018, the European Utility Week was held in Vienna (Austria). Well-known experts in the field of intellectual energy were invited to the event. EUW is a platform for meeting and sharing the experience of European top level experts from the world's leading energy companies.

SAMGAS delegation visited European Utility Week 2018 and held a series of working meetings with European producers of gas metering equipment.

“Here was discussed the issue of implementing innovative solutions in the energy sector. I consider this industry to be one of the most promising in Ukraine. European Utility Week confirms the right direction in the development of new SAMGAS products for remote metering data transmission”, - said Andriy Markov, founder of SAMGAZ.

SAMGAS is a leading Ukrainian manufacturer of equipment for measuring and metering gas. The main products of the company are domestic and industrial gas meters of "SAMGAS". About 3.5 million our gas meters were manufactured, installed and successfully operated during the years.