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1995 – SAMGAS was founded in Rivne, together with Italian partners from SAMGAS GROUP, ITALY.

1995 – The first Samgas gas meter in Ukraine was manufactured.

1998 – Stars the construction of our own industrial areas for production of gas meters "SAMGAS".

1998 – Together with Mariupolgaz VAT, the first service center for servicing of gas meters "SAMGAS" in Ukraine was established.

2000 – The first supply of Ukrainian components to gas meters of SAMGAS to Italy.

2000 – For the first time the company shipped SAMGAS gas meters for export, to Moldova.

2002 – the 300000th of gas meter were produced.

2003 – Our own dyeing department was put into service. The first meter housing is produced by the Samgas stamping department.

2003 – State Tax Administration of Ukraine express gratitude to Samgas company as a conscientious taxpayer

2004 – The company has created its own website,

2004 – the 500,000th gas meter was produced

2006 – Launch of metering units based on gas meter and gas pressure regulator. The company develop the package of proposals of multifunctional gas control points on the basis of a complete set of the Italian production.

2006 – The company's products were presented at the World Gas Exhibition at the RAI Expo Center at the XXIII World Gas Congress in Amsterdam.

2006 – The children's drawing charity competition among the students of Rivne Art School was held. The 13 best works has decorated the company’s wall calendar of 2007. The winners were presented with gifts and cash prizes.

2007 – Launch of a new model of gas meter “SAMGAS” RS / 2001-2. Complex of equipment for dyeing the meter’s housing with powder paints has been put into operation.

2007 – The company was certified for quality management system ISO 9001-2001.

2008 – Production of multifunctional gas control points started on the basis of gas pressure regulators "SAMGAS".

2008 – On May 22, the 1 000 000st million gas meter “SAMGAS” was produced.

2010 – SAMGAS expands its activities and opens a company office in Kyiv.

2011 – the SAMGAS company has invested over 1,5 mln. hrn. in the modernization of the gas meters production. A new ITF6-16-A verification unit was purchased and installed as part of the project.

2011 – SAMGAS successfully launches the first in Ukraine system for metering of the consumed gas "BALANCE", which carries out remote gas meters readings by the radio connection and transmit them to the central dispatch point.

2012 – The production of the company was presented at the XVI International Oil and Gas Industry Exhibition "Oil and Gas - 2012" (organizers: Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine and National Joint Stock Company "Naftogaz of Ukraine").

2012 – Metrological reliability tests of gas meters have been completed with positive results.

2012 – Tests of SANGAS gas meters for resistance to direct magnetic field are completed

2012 – Production of new membrane gas meter designs started from second quarter of 2012, which are intended to measure  the volume of natural gas at the nominal working temperature 15 ° С and 0 ° С and carried out a summary of the results of gas volume measurements from specified nominal operating gas temperature to gas temperature under standard conditions 20 ° C (293,15 K) ГОСТ 2939-63.

2013 – At the city central hospital of Rivne, SAMGAS turnkey the upgraded reanimation rooms. The charity project for the repair and modernization of the reanimation room lasted for three months.

2013 – On August 1, SAMGAS produced the 2 000 000th gas meter. Anniversary meter is released in a special blue metallic color. So, every fifth gas meter installed in households in Ukraine is made on Samgas factory in Rivne city.

2014 – SAMGAS start producing new Samgas meters of G6 size - RS / 2,4, RS / 2,4-1, RS / 2,4-2 to replace RS / 5, RS / 5-1, RS / 5-2

2015 – the 2,500,000th Samgas meter released in March

2016 – The products of the company were presented at the International Oil and Gas Industry Exhibition "Oil and Gas - 2016".

2016 – On June 13, SAMGAS signed a memorandum of cooperation with Italian SMART solution developer TERRANOVA.

2017 – on March 27 the 3 000 000th Samgas gas meter was manufactured.

2017 – On September 10, the examination and testing of Samgas gas meters for compliance with the “Tekhnichnyi reglament ZVT” was completed with a positive result.

2017 – On September 15, the first batch of Samgas® meters was manufactured in accordance with the “Tekhnichnyi reglament ZVT”.

2017 – On October 10, the certification of the production of gas meters according to Module D of the “Tekhnichnyi reglament ZVT” was completed with a positive result.

2018 – The company quality management system is certified to the new standard ДСТУ ISO 9001-2015.

2018 – The company environmental management system is certified to the new standard ДСТУ ISO 14001-2015.

2019 – Utility Model Patent A device for collecting, archiving and transmission information “Lora Balance Impulse”’ is received.

2019 – In April the first consignment of Samgas® radio modules with LoRa technology for remote data transmission was manufactured.

2019 – on May 11, examination and testing of the SAMGAS-BLI Radio Module for compliance with the “Tekhnichnyi Reglament Radioobladnannia” was completed with a positive result.