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In this section we bring to your attention various instructions for the production of SAMGAS in pdf format. 

About gas meters:

1. Instruction: diaphragm gas meters. Method of verification

2. Operation manual: membrane gas meters SAMGAS RS/2001-2(P), RS/2,4(P) ed. 0.6.3

3. “Balance” remote system

4. Test report of gas meter for resistance to influence of magnetic field

Regarding telemetry:

1. SAMGAS-BLI radio module. Passport.

2. SAMGAS-BLI radio module. Operating instructions.

3. SAMGAS-BLI radio module. Declaration of Conformity.

4. “SAMGAS programmer” software. User Manual.

All that information will be useful for:

to designers (overall dimensions, recommendations on the scheme of installation of gas meters);

gas specialists and others licensed companies to install gas equipment (technical characteristics, schemes of installation, preparation and installation of gas equipment, start-up and commissioning, marking, sealing, checking and calibration of devices)

gas equipment sellers (product specifications); gas consumers (transportation and storage, safety measures and maintenance of gas equipment)