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05/11/2018 - 15:33

 "SAMGAS" took part in the XXI International Exhibition of Oil and Gas Industry, held at the end of October 2018 in Kiev. 

As part of the event, company representatives held a seminar where they presented the LoRa Impulse Balance (BLI) radio module. This device allows you to remotely transmit data from gas meters to gas supply companies.

 The main advantages of the system are the employees of gas supply companies do not need to check the accuracy of consumers gas readings. The function of remote control of gas consumption by the consumer helps you in this. The device simplifies and structures the gas consumption report, as well as allows automation of billing. With this analytics and gas consumption planning tool, it becomes logical and easy for both the consumers and the gas companies. Gas leak detection functions and the detection of unauthorized interventions while operating the meter or data transmission module will help gas workers maintain proper and reliable records.

During the seminar, the company experts spoke about the European standards of the use of remote data reading systems, company developments and new features of the LoRa Impulse balance system.

Over three thousand people visited the exhibition in three days. Ukrainian and foreign companies took part in the event.