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About us


The main products of the company are domestic and commercial gas meters of "SAMGAS®". During the years of work of the company, more than 3 million gas meters were produced. The experience and knowledge of our team is one of the core values of Samgas.
Our company offers domestic and industrial gas meters of Samgas® for a broad audience of potential customers. All of the gas meters of our company are produced in Ukraine. According to statistics, our customers confirmed the high reliability of the devices they have purchased on our website and were satisfied with the result. All types of devices for metering of gas consumption presented on the website, are entered in the "Register of best products of Ukraine" and they are given the high-quality mark "Higher Test". We offer favorable terms of collaboration to our customers, reasonable prices and excellent high quality of devices. After the rapid rise in energy resources’ prices, the entire population of Ukraine massively started to install meters for water, heating and gas.If you are also thinking to own gas meter, we recommend you to look over the catalog of the devices we produce. There is a wide variety of models and modifications of gas meters produced by "Samgas®", which operate on different principles.

Membrane gas meters
Also called diaphragm meters, are often used to keep track of how much natural gas you use in your home or business. Membrane gas meters are available for most of the people at an affordable price. If this type of gas meter fits you, you can buy it for your household or apartment and personally monitor your gas consumption.

Rotary gas meter
The principle of operation of the rotary gas meter lies in the hydrodynamic method. It is a device whose rotor is rotated by a gas stream. Experts recommend use this type of meter when consuming small amounts of natural gas (maximum 200 cubic meters of gas / hour).

Industrial gas meter
An industrial gas meter provides a maximum flow rate 40 cubic meters/hour. It is used to monitor the large consumption of natural gas. Typically, such gas meter is installed in large gas boiler houses and, on gas distribution networks, etc. Industrial gas meters include: rotary, ultrasonic, turbine, vortex and jet modifications. About all of this you can talk to the representatives of our company. If you have any difficulties or questions about the choice of a particular type of gas meter and its specifications, you can use the consulting services of our employees. Phones for feedback are on the homepage. We will definitely provide you with accurate information and give you the right advice, considering your requirements and the nuances of your purchase.

Domestic gas meter 
Domestic gas meters have max flow rate 10 cubic meters/hour. They are usually used when gas consumption is minimal. Mostly these are membrane models. You can buy membrane or diaphragm gas meter on our website. Installation of this gas meter is compulsory if you connect the house to the gas grid. If you use a gas meter, you will only pay for the amount of natural gas you have actually consumed. This leads to reasonable energy consumption and money savings, which confirms the importance of installing efficient equipment offered by the SAMGAS company. Today there is a wide choice of domestic gas meters in the Ukrainian energy market. They are very popular here. Depending on the design and measurement principle, we offer you full list of gas meters at an affordable price. If you are looking for a reliable company where you can buy a domestic gas meter, we will do our best to help you to purchase the right one. You can check the prices for domestic gas meters on our website.

Choosing the correct Gas Meter
Nowadays, gas supply companies often install gas meters without temperature compensator in apartments. The most common are membrane, rotary and electronic gas meters. We offer a detailed look at the features of each of these meters.

Before you buy a gas meter, please note the following tips:

  • where should your gas meter be located and what do the experts say? Keep in mind that it will take up some room space. This point should be discussed with authorised installers of meters;
  • choose the acceptable gas meter size and noise level
  • what is the maximum volume of your gas consumption
  • periodic subsequent verification interval, will there occur any difficulties with emergency data readings
  • consider for yourself the reliability of the product and its value
  • country of manufacture, gas meter comes from.

On our website we provide you with all the details about our services: the conditions of purchase, payment and delivery of your order. The main products of the company are domestic and industrial gas meters of SAMGAS®. Over the years, the company has manufactured, installed and successfully operated about 3 million gas meters. Buy gas meters from a trusted supplier, with quality assurance.