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This is an important event for all operators to find a way to modernize the relationship in the field of natural gas energy metering. A platform that brings together politicians, industry leaders, utility companies, network operators every year in Ukraine, providing new solutions to identify the right policies, technologies and business models to achieve a more sustainable future for all. That is the International Oil and Gas Forum. 

Quality over quantity! For SAMGAS, this has become a key feature of company policy. Samgas mainly focus  on topics that are important for achieving a fully integrated and interconnected system for ensuring product quality. 

So, the main job of the delegation of Samgas during the exhibition was to set the priorities in the requirements for gas meters in the short and long term. They discussed about local market rules for producers and consumers. 

Meetings on the prospects of new technologies and how they would improve the integration of SAMGAS gas meters into intelligent telemetry networks were held there. We carefully study and listen to users in order to understand their needs and respond to our products and services. We want to direct our efforts towards optimizing and increasing the efficiency of gas consumption.

We have launched about 3,500,000 gas meters for domestic consumers, utilities and industrial enterprises on the Ukrainian market. SAMGAS continues to be a reliable and long-term partner for all.