The online store is temporarily closed for technical reasons. For the purchase of gas meters, call tel: 067 36 306 57


25/05/2018 - 16:05

SAMGAZ Company, a leading Ukrainian manufacturer of gas measuring and metering equipment, has launched its first online gas meter store in Ukraine. The online store is open at Now you can buy SAMGAS gas meters at the manufacturer’s price online.

Ordering goods in the SAMGAS online store is available to residents of all Ukraine. Delivery is carried out within 2-3 days by courier. Products presented in the online store, you can also pick yourself from the company’s warehouse in Rivne. You can pay by credit card or bank transfer. For legal entities non-cash payment is available. The range of Ukrainian production gas meters are the following types: G 1,6, G 2,5, G4 and G6.

Most consumers have no idea how much gas they use. Its installation allows you to save money and pay only for real gas consumed. In case the gas meter is not installed in the house, a fee will be charged for each family member registered on the living space. Payment for gas without a meter is charged every month, regardless of whether the entire volume of gas is used or not. When installing a gas meter, payment is taken only for used gas. The experience of gas consumers who use meters has shown that monthly gas payments after installing a meter are reduced by 30-50%.

The SAMGAS company is a leading Ukrainian manufacturer of equipment for measuring and metering gas. The main products of the company are Samgas domestic and industrial gas meters. Over the years, SAMGAS has manufactured, installed and successfully operates around 3.5 million gas meters. The company’s factory is located in Rivne. The enterprise has the status of a large taxpayer.