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15/12/2018 - 13:23

SAMGAS has prepared an unusual corporate calendar for its customers, partners and employees. Illustrations to this calendar were the work of students of the Rivne Art School.

Thus, SAMGAS decided to support young talents and implement a joint social project. Twelve selected drawings entered in the final version of the calendar.

The young artists were set a task to draw the City of the Future. Twelve authors invented and painted original landscapes of urban life of the future.

This project was the first step in supporting the development of Ukrainian young talents by SAMGAS. This project was the first step SAMGAS start support development of Ukrainian young talents.

Andriy Markov, founder of SAMGAZ: «The drawings of the students of Rivne Art School are pleasing and striking. It is nice that there are so many talents among Ukrainian youth. We are grateful to the participants for their excellent work and to the teachers for coordinating the project».