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Beware of fake gas meters!

14/03/2018 - 09:52

Recently, the so-called “modified” SAMGAZ gas meters have been offered on the Internet for sale, the index of which can be stopped using a magnet or otherwise, which allows distorting (underestimating) gas metering readings.

We emphasize that the gas meters of SAMGAS produced by our company, due to their design features, exclude the possibility of unauthorized changes in the meter readings,  as well as the influence of the magnetic field on the meter. This is confirmed by the tests of SAMGAS gas meters for resistance to magnetic field conducted by the State Enterprise “Ukrmetrteststandart”. Scanned copies of test data protocols are available on our official website at

We draw your attention to the fact that the design of gas meters that are advertised and offered for sale by scammers, assuring the buyer of the possibility of additional doubtful “savings” of gas, has been illegally changed and has traces of unauthorized interference with the meter. The trick will be revealed by gas workers during their inspection after a while. 

 After the gas meter is detected with any unauthorized interference, the gas sector counts this Consumer with an additional monetary liability (loss), the amount of which significantly exceeds the amount that the Consumer tried to “save”.

Further, consumers who refuse to pay the accrued amount of losses, gas supply is terminated due to non-payment of debt. It should be emphasized that the courts in such situations in most cases make decisions in favor of gas farms. They find it lawful to accrue additional monetary obligations (losses) and further termination of gas supply.

We strongly recommend do not buy the so-called “modified” meters, but to use only original gas metering devices, which can be purchased directly on our official website